About Us

Welcome to “Una China en el Zapato”!

My name is Candace and ever since I was  a child I loved the story about “The Old Lady in the Shoe”, and well because I have Asian decent I decided to incorporate the two with a slight twist to what I do.

It’s a mixture of my Hispanic heritage, Asian background, and roots in the United States. Now, what is this site all about?

Since I was about 21 years of age I decided to jump into business for my self and I decided to help families creates HOMES, not houses, that they can live in. I’m going to include a lot about how we can spruce up our homes for better living, but even more so, I’m also going to dissect how I’ve built an empire over the years.

It started off with me going door to door, and from there I managed to buy advertising through radio, and print ads. Finally, we’re in a beautiful place where we can market our services on sites like Google and Facebook.

Times have changed, and so have techniques, but one thing remains the same:

* My purpose in helping others live in beautiful places that they can call their home.

After all, what else can hold the family together than a beautiful castle in which they can come to after a long day.

Stay tuned for more updates on the site, and be sure to visit back to learn more about us.